Sunday, January 20, 2013

Last night I was browsing some blogs that I used to follow. I was also searching for a particular kind of blog, visiting all kinds of new pages and reading new names and seeing new faces. I got excited about blogging again. I thought maybe I would start to write a little more. I thought that maybe, as my little family waits in anticipation of more change, I should start summing up the measure of our lives right now. Talking about what we’re doing NOW. What our lives look like NOW. Before they change again. A snapshot of words, to keep on this website for me to look at in a year or two. Because, that’s honestly why I ever write in the first place. I always trick myself into thinking it’s for other reasons, but it’s really just a public scarpbook for me. I was about to apologize for that, but I don’t owe you anything! I’m pretty sure no one is reading this who doesn't want to read this. Anyway, I was looking back on my 3 different abandoned blogs and realizing that it’s January- so a mix of the winter blues and motivating new year resolutions always makes me think that I’ll be great at maintaining a blog now. I probably won’t be. But, for now, I’ll just pretend. Because I think good things are going to start happening. I feel myself already going a little crazy. Getting stuck in my head and that sort of thing. Maybe if I come across as a cool spiritual/artsy woman, after I read my own words I won’t feel so nutsy. Or maybe it will backfire on me and I’ll regret it, upon seeing just how weird I've gotten. At any rate, you’re welcome to join me again. New years day I woke up singing the chorus of this song, I think that’s a good sign. Something tells me I‘m into something good. Also- here is a squirrel. Who doesn't smile when they see a squirrel?