Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sleep tight little viking

This post is a bit overdue. < That's how the post that I started writing over a month ago began. I'd say now, it's WAY overdue. Oh, I'm bursting to tell you so much!!! But first, this post. :) Back in the middle of September we towed our little viking over to my parents' yard, set her up and made plans to sleep out in our camper one last time before putting her away for the winter. But alas, cold nights, rain storms and a busy schedule pushed back our final camp-out til the middle of October, when stars aligned (or rather schedules and decent weather) and we were able to have our last camp-out of '11. I had a pretty bad head cold, so I wasn't really eager to take too many photos. What's the point of documenting every fun moment, if you'll have a camera (or cell phone) stuck your face the whole time anyway? Right? We hooked up the electric for the first time and tried out the UH-MAY-ZING chunky, plastic, vintage lights that came with our little viking. :)

The next day we sunned the cushions, swept out every crumb, and gave the whole thing a good wipe down.

Eager little helpers were in abundance. (Although, I didn't get any shots of Gideon...)

We, and by we, I mean Mark, fixed the supports. Yay for handy husbands!!!

Something always needs fixing, doesn't it?

And there she sits, beneath the harvest moon. Ready to be folded up and settled in for her winter's hibernation.

Goodnight, sleep tight little viking!

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